A studio of notable photographers with a single vision for photojournalism and portraiture art in Bernardsville, New Jersey

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The Stephen Taylor style of

photography is all about

capturing moments.

Moments that tell stories...

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Moments that become memories,

shared with family and friends

through a visual narrative.

During our more than 25 years

in business, we have perfected the art

of documentary-style photography.

We are observers. We watch,

we anticipate and gather candid moments

photographically without orchestrating,

manipulating or setting up situations.

It is a joy to find intimate,

fleeting moments and preserve them.

Observation, anticipation and being

in touch with the experience are the keys to

capturing wonderful images.

I was inspired by the photography of

Jacques Lowe, personal photographer of

former President John F Kennedy's family.

His camera caught human truth.

Being genuinely in touch

with the experience is the key to

capturing wonderful images.

I'd love for my photographers to tell

your story. We have a charming

studio in downtown Bernardsville.

Let's meet.

Stephen Taylor Photography
3 Olcott Square, Bernardsville, New Jersey
Telephone: 908-696-1100

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